My Skincare Routine

You've been asking for it and now it's finally here – my skincare routine. I only started building a proper routine last year, my skin is nowhere near perfect and I would love to know more about my skin type and which products to use that really benefit the overall look and texture of my skin. It's all pretty much trial and error when it comes to my skincare. You can also find some of my make up, hair and perfume favorites in this post. I hope you like it and find it somehow informative. 



When I got interested in skincare last year I did some research and one brand that kept popping up was The Ordinary. Since I was just starting out I didn't want to spend a fortune on products that might not do the trick for me, so The Ordinary was a perfect brand to start with. Their products are super inexpensive and perfect if you're just getting into the world of skincare. My favorite product is the Virgin Marula Oil and it made a huge difference in my overall glow. I always put it on before I go to bed but sometimes also in the morning under my make up. It doesn't have a smell and works well with my other products - win! I use the Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution in the evening and I always feel like it really makes me glow over night. Another acid product I use is their AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution which basically is an acid peel. I was quite intimidated when I used this product for the first time, because it looks quite weird – like blood – and you can definitely feel it working on your skin, but I really like it and my skin got used to it after a couple of applications. I apply it once a week and it leaves the skin super soft and gets rid of all the dead skin and also helps with overall radiance. My favorite moisturizers are the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré and the Avène Hydrance Optimale Cream. At night I like to use the Avène Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream because it has a thick consistency and is very nourishing. I also love masks, one I've been using for years is the Origins Clear Improvement Mask. I also love the masks by Glamglow – I think Gravitymud is my favorite. 


Make Up

Nowadays my make up is pretty simple, I went through a phase where I put on way more and experimented with eyeliner and eyeshadow but I got over it pretty fast. I really like the natural look and I also suck at applying make up so why even bother. My daily make up consists of concealer, blush, highlighter, brows, lipbalm and I never forget to curl my lashes. I don't wear mascara but it definitely makes a huge difference if you curl your lashes or not. Some of my favorite concealers for everyday are the RMS Beauty «Un» Cover-up and the Glossier Stretch Concealer. If I feel like foundation it's either the Tinted Face Oil by Kosas, the Perfecting Skin Tint by Glossier or for more coverage the Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani. For my brows I use soap to brush them up and give them a bushy look. I have a regular transparent soap bar from Boots and I also own the Soap Brows Kit. They both work equally well for me. Sometimes I fill them in with a tinted brow gel like the Milk Makeup Kush Brow or Boy Brow by Glossier. My favorite blush is Benefit's Benetint. I like the consistency of it cause it blends nicely and the color looks like a natural flush. I'm obsessed with highlighter, I own many different ones but lately I love creamy ones more than powder highlighters. The Glossier Haloscope Highlighter gives a subtle dewy look while the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid is more noticeable. 



My all time favorite brand for perfume is Byredo. There isn't a single scent that doesn't smell good, but my favorite scent is «Blanche». To me it smells like fresh laundry or a fresh out of the shower smell, I love it. It's a pretty light scent, perfect for every day. Another beloved Byredo scent is «Bibliothèque» which I also own as a candle. My signature scent is Black Afgano by Nasomatto which I believe is a men's perfume but I fell in love with the strong, tangy scent and didn't care about gender restrictions. You shouldn't apply too much, otherwise it can easily give you a headache, so I only apply one spritz and that does the job for me. 


Hair Care

My hair is naturally straight and I'm not obsessed about hair care so when I choose new hair products it's mostly about the smell. My favorites right now are the OUAI clean range, I simply love the smell of the OUAI products. I recently started using Gisou and I really love the products. They're honey infused which makes them smell divine. My hairbrush is by Yves Durif and I like it a lot. It detangles my hair without any pain and it works amazing on wet and dry hair. 



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